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Fall 2008 Semester Schedule

Fall 2008 Semester Schedule


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Constitution of Langston Business Association

Article I: Name of the Organization
  • Langston Business Association

  • The organization is not affiliated with any national associations at this time.
Article II: Purpose
  • The purpose of this organization is to a) stimulate student interest in Business majors, b) to foster cooperation and unity among students enrolled in various schools of business, c) assist students in developing leadership skills and the opportunity to interact with professionals in various business fields, and d) assist students in learning employment opportunities in business related fields.
Article III: Definition of Membership
  • Langston Business Association membership is open to all currently enrolled students and alumni of Langston University - Tulsa, OSU-Tulsa, and Tulsa Community College. Only currently enrolled students at Langston University - Tulsa and OSU-Tulsa will reserve the right to vote in the organization.

  • Langston Business Association and its members will nto discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or status as a veteran in any of its policies, practices, and procedures.

  • Members expelled from school for justified reasons will also relinquish their right to membership to this organization.
Article IV: Officers
  • Officers:

    President - The President shall prepare agendas for and preside at all meetings, will call and preside at special meetings, and will appoint all committee chairs to be approved by a vote of all officers.

    Vice-President - The Vice-President shall assume all duties of president in the absence of President at any meeting and will be responsible for the arrangement of speakers at meetings and the supervision of all committee assignments.

    Secretary - The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings of the association. The Secretary shall read the minutes of the previous meeting at each regular meeting. The Secretary is also responsible for maintaining records of attendance at all meetings.

    Treasurer - The Treasurer shall develop a club budget, determine funds available through Campus Life, and keep record of all income and expenses of the association. The Treasurer shall make a report available concerning Association budget to include any income, expenses, and current balance at all regular Association meetings.

  • Officers must be currently enrolled students in good standing of Langston University - Tulsa or OSU-Tulsa.

  • Election of officers will be conducted at the first meeting of each fall semester.

  • Officers will serve one year and can hold office in consecutive terms.

  • Committees - Pending
Article V: Advisor
  • The Association Advisor will assist officers in matters pertaining to the Association, will help in providing information concerning various schools of business, and offer overall guidance to the officers of the Association.

  • Advisors will be nominated and selected by vote of current members of the Association.

  • The Advisor shall serve a minimum of one year, which can be extended by a vote of the members for successive years.
Article VI: Amendments
  • Amendments to the Constitution shall be by nomination at regularly scheduled meetings. The person nominating the change shall also present the change in written format. All members will have an opportunity to review the submitted change and must be passed by a majority vote of present members of the meeting.

  • Any amendments to an organization Constitution must be recognized and approved by the Coordinator of Campus Life and Student Development prior to being adopted.
Article VII: Dissolution
  • Should, for some unforseen reason, the Association be deemed as needing to be dissolved, a majority vote of all current members of the meeting.

  • Should any funds or property remain, it shall be disposed of in the following manner:

    • Funds through Campus Life will be turned back to the school.

    • Funds gained through fundraisers, dues, or contributions shall be distributed to a charity chosen by members voting for dissolution.